Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Tears or Just Pool Water?

{Found this post from 2 years ago just sitting in my "Drafts" file.
Such a treat to revisit this special memory.}

Today I had happy tears.  Trying to explain happy tears to 6 yr and almost 4 yr old boys is not easy.  Eventually, I just said it was pool water splashed on my face!

Why happy tears?  Well, today my biggest little guy swam for the first time.  It's a big milestone for most kids and I couldn't have been more proud of my little fish in the water today!

He has always enjoyed being in the water but has been very cautious about what he does in the water.  He is cautious about most things and takes his time easing into new situations.  Knowing this about my child and watching him struggle through lessons and playing with others in the water I have prayed that some day soon he would allow himself to try, to trust himself and let go and swim.  

The prayers and lessons over the years paid off today!  

Oh, how I wish I could have had a camera in the pool with me.  Not to capture him swimming, but to save for eternity his smile.  It went from one side of his face to the other.  His big toothless smile {he lost his top tooth this week and the gap is huge!} could be seen across the pool!  It said "I did it!", "I can swim!", "I feel awesome!".

Seeing him so proud of himself was precious and I'm so glad I was there to see it happen.  I know there will be bigger moments {God willing} in his life but for right now I cry happy, proud tears for my son because today he allowed himself to try and today he proved to himself he can do it!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


The first step…at a new school for my boys

The first step…at a new women's bible study

The first step…heading out for my first long run since injuring my ankle

The first step…to eating healthy and losing the last 20 lbs

The first step... to creating healthy relationships

The first step is truly the hardest.  So much is unknown.  Worry and doubt can really make themselves at home if you let them.  
Taking the first step involves trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in others.

My little family has taken the first steps and it's been GOOD!  A bit stressful but good non the less.  We chose trust and faith over worry and doubt and it has been soooo worth it!