{Let Me Introduce Myself}

I'm a thirty something wife, mommy of 2, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. My family is the most important thing to me (and that includes my beloved dogs too!).  I hold down the fort while the Mr is at work and keep extra busy doing things in our community, at the boys' schools, and at our church. 
In my spare time I enjoy cooking and baking but I don't cook all the time - some weeks I barely cook at all. (I don't count heating up Dino nuggets in the microwave as cooking.)  What I really love to do in the kitchen is bake. I love mixing up yummy sweets - the only problem is I end up eating most of the yumminess!
Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Because I love to bake I have learned to enjoy exercising.  I never thought I would be one of those people who says they enjoy exercising - I didn't really start exercising until my 30's.  I started out running and then found my way to a gym and the payoff has been amazing! Not only have I lost the "baby weight", but I feel good and have found that everyone benefits when I make it to the gym - I admit I get crabby when I don't exercise! 
I wish we had a bigger yard because I love to plant and grow flowers and veggies. There is just something about getting my hands dirty and the satisfaction of seeing things I plant grow.  This is another area where I would have laughed at you if you told me I would absolutely love to garden.  I get my green thumb from my mom...
mine just took longer to bloom! 
Our Veggie, Rose, and Peony Side Yard
Cucs, Zucs, and Potatoes!

Reading and going to the movies are treats that I look forward to - with two young boys, both time and energy make these activities hard to do at times. 
I like to sew and knit, but my attention span is short with both of these things - I need fast results and projects that can be finished in one sitting. 
The first apron I sewed
My favorite day is Sunday - I love the easiness of the day and I go out of my way to protect this day from all the "have to do's" that clutter up the rest of the week. I love to watch how the day unfolds itself - slowly.  It's my day to smell my roses, take a nap, curl up with the family and watch a movie, and enjoy a nice family dinner.  This is my day to look around and be ever so thankful for my beautiful life.

Simply Sweet Sunday is a place for me to reflect on my days, share a little of what I know, and have some fun.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you check back often!