Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Deed Monday #2

Happy Good Deed Monday!!

If this is your first time joining me for Good Deed Monday you can click here for more information. 

This is just our second week of doing Good Deeds. You can join me on making a difference at any time and I hope once you start you keep coming back to do more with me each week. 

Last week's Good Deed #1 was to donate to your local food pantry/bank.  The bonus was getting a cleaned out and possibly organized pantry!

The Mr and I are in the process of redoing our pantry and I had recently cleaned it out but I was still able to find items to donate.  I first grabbed things I had more than one of and then I grabbed a couple of things I knew I wouldn't be needing anytime soon.  The boys and I brought our bag of food over to our church food pantry. 

As I was going through my pantry I felt very grateful to have enough food to not only feed my family with a variety of options but to also have enough to share.  I thought about the Mr and his job and how well he provides for us and how fortunate we are that we have not had to experience the hardship of unemployment and loss of income.  In the 5 minutes it took me to go through and put together a small assortment of food I really appreciated all that we have and was reminded to not take so much for granted.

Were you able to do the Good Deed this past week? How did it go for you? Did you involve your family? Do you think you will start to do this on a more regular basis?
Please share in the comments section below.  I've been looking forward all week to see how you all did - please don't leave me waiting any longer to know what your experiences and thoughts were as you completed this good deed!

This week's Good Deed #2:
Leave a cold drink with a note (or picture!) of thanks for the mail carrier.

It's been pretty hot this summer and anyone who has to work outside could sure use a refreshing pick-me-up.  There is no better pick-me-up than a cold water or sports drink accompanied by a hand written note or some cute pictures from the children.

We will meet back here next Monday to share our thoughts and experiences on this new Good Deed.  Our next good deed will be revealed next Monday too!

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  1. I cleaned out my pantry last week and it really needed it! I had things i didn't even know I had in there! It felt really good to drop off 2 bags of food at our town food bank! Great idea!
    Love this weeks good deed too! Think I will get the kids involved with this one.
    Thanks for doing good deed Monday - it's great!

  2. I can't do anything with a baby. I am lucky if i get a shower! LOL
    Follow me back and say hi!

    1. I remember those days Isabelle...I still have a few even now ;) Will stop by to say hi, follow and check out your blog.
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I LOVE the idea of Good Deed Monday!! It's so important to remember to dremember how important acts of kindness are. Stopping by from the hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !