Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Deed Monday #5

This past week's good deed was to donate blood {Good Deed Monday #4}!
How did everyone do?

I just saw on the news that the Red Cross is reporting that the blood supply has dropped to a critically low level.  If you weren't able to donate last week I encourage you to donate this week.

I donated on Saturday with my friend Danielle and The Mr.
Everything went great and all in all it was a very positive experience!

We were all a bit skeptical that I would be allowed to donate and/or if I would faint afterwards. Why all the concern?  Let me give you a little back story...

I'm a fainter.
I am one of those people that normally has a very low blood pressure and have been known to faint every so often.  The Dr tells me to actually increase my salt intake!

I didn't really think much about this when planning on donating blood this week until The Mr and I had a conversation mid-week.  After expressing his concern and doubts if I would even be allowed to donate I went where everyone goes when posed a question...Google!  Afterwards I can't say I felt any better.  There was reason to be concerned but I was determined to complete this good deed!

I planned and "trained" for the upcoming blood donation like a true athlete!  Well, not like an actual athlete, but I ate and drank like it was my full time job!  Salty food, Gatorade, and steak were my keys to success!  I also made arrangements for the boys so The Mr could accompany me just in case I had any problems.

My "training" paid off!  Not only were my iron and blood pressure levels good {my highest blood pressure reading in years!} but I felt great before, during and afterwards!

The Mr decided to donate as well - who says we never do things together anymore!

Danielle, unfortunately was not able to donate this time.  Her iron levels were just a tad bit too low.  But her company made the experience much more enjoyable!  The time flew by while we laughed and talked!

I'm really glad I donated blood. Now I'm not afraid to donate and will very likely do it again.  For most people it's a very simple thing to do and it really does make a difference in someone else's life.

I saw this last week before I donated blood and it made me giggle!

This week's Good Deed is:
Keep your town clean!  Bring a plastic bag with you the next time you are out out running errands, taking a walk, playing at the park and pick up any trash you see laying around.

As usual we will check back here next Monday to share how our good deed experience went - 
make it a good week with a good deed!


  1. Love this weeks good deed assignment.

  2. Feeling one pint lighter! Seriously - giving blood could not have been easier, and we had fun. What was really impressive was the group of people who go in to donate platelets every week...think of how many people they have helped!