Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Post Workout Meal

Lately, I've been getting my workouts done very early in the morning.  
5:30 AM EARLY.  

For some reason the summer months wreak havoc on my workout schedule and more workouts are missed than completed.  

I decided a few weeks ago to go back to my early morning schedule and I'm still trying to adjust to the early start to my day.  I'm really dragging by the afternoon on the days I'm up before 5 AM!  

I love how my workout is done before I've even started my day so nothing can sidetrack my efforts but I really don't like the sluggish feeling I've been having in the afternoons.

I've found that the more water I drink pre and post workout the less fatigued I feel. Especially during these hot summer days!  I also have a yummy power meal that I like to make for either breakfast or lunch that always gives me lots of energy and is packed with filling protein and potassium. 

Post Workout Meal
1 Banana {sliced}
1 cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt {plain or vanilla - I really like Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt}
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter 
2 tsp Honey {if using plain yogurt to add a touch of sweetness}

Add everything together in a bowl.

Mix together.  Enjoy!

You can also make this the night before if you need to be able to grab it and go.

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