Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Deed Monday #7

Last week's good deed was to host a swap party.  Now unless you are a super speedy person I doubt many of you were actually able to host your own swap party in a week.  But maybe it got you thinking about hosting one of your own.

I had an accessories swap party last Thursday.  It was a lot of fun and very easy to do.

I invited a bunch of friends about 2 weeks prior and asked them to go through their drawers and closets and bring any good but no longer needed/used accessories to swap.  I chose accessories because one size fits all.

I set up my small craft room off of the family room to feel a bit like a store.  I used trays and mirrors for the jewlery table.  I used my coat rack and a card table for bags and purses.  My two tier basket was used to hold scarves and a large wicker picnic trunk was used to hold wallets, belts, and "shopping bags" {gift bags}.

I made some yummy treats for my friends and I to enjoy while "swap shopping".  Most of my treats were inspired from things I have pinned from Pinterest.

Cannoli Dip from Big Red Kitchen

I used red pepper hummus and roasted onion dip in my veggie cups

I also served a signature drink so I wouldn't be opening wine bottles all night.  I made a Gin Bucket - it was refreshing and tasted nothing like gin {perfect drink for a girls night out!}!   Everyone loved it and it was fun to serve something new.

I set up the "swap store" as my friends arrived.  They enjoyed the food and drink while the "store" was closed.  Once everything was set up the "store" was open and the shopping began!  Everyone just helped themselves to items they liked.  It was the best guilt free shopping!

Everyone went home with some new treasures and the few items that were left over are being donated to a local charity.

There are lots of types of swap parties you can host:
Book Swap {adult, children, cookbook}
Clothes Swap {adult or children}
Halloween Costume Swap
Toy Swap
Recipe Swap
Coupon Swap
Food Swap
Seed Swap

The internet is a good starting point when looking for ideas and methods for swap parties.
I just might have to have another swap party...maybe a food swap!

Let me know if you are planning a swap party and what you are swapping!

This week's Good Deed Monday #7 is:
Drop off hand written/drawn thank you notes and doughnuts {or baked goods} at the police station.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. You made a gin bucket?! Sarah will be so happy to hear that :)

  2. Glad to hear the gin bucket was a success!!