Saturday, June 30, 2012


Have you checked out Etsy? It's a great place to shop for handmade items. Seriously, you can find just about anything on this site! I always enjoy browsing through - sort of like window shopping at an awesome craft show.  I'm always amazed at all the talent showcased! 

A few years ago some friends and I bought a "Mommy Necklace" for our dear friend to celebrate the birth of her 3rd child. It was an adorable, handmade necklace that our friend loved. 
~The necklace was similar to the one pictured above ~

Last week I purchased 3 items off of Etsy and I am super happy with my purchases! 

I went first looking for a gift for my girlfriend's birthday.  She is an avid "Words with Friends" and "Scrabble" player so when I saw these scrabble tile coasters on Pinterest a few months ago I knew they would be a gift she would love.  
The original plan was that I was going to make them...turns out making them is not as easy {for me!} as I had hoped!  The next best thing was to go to Etsy...and sure enough someone had made them and even used the game board as the backing of the coaster{brilliant!}.  

They arrived the other day and were packaged with such care and creativity. Aren't they cute?!
After this purchase I started thinking about other things I had pinned on Pinterest.

There was this pillow that I just loved, so I checked my pin and it just so happened to link to their Etsy page! So simple : )  I ordered it on the spot and it arrived today. I love the simpleness of it and the meaning behind the date.
click on the picture to go to Next Door to Heaven Etsy shop
Again, the thought and care that was put into making my pillow was evident right down to the note that accompanied it saying how much they enjoyed making my special pillow. So sweet!
My last purchase was not something I had planned to shop for but was thrilled when I came across it during my search for cute labels.  I needed a label for my "Chore Jar".  I was originally looking for a cute shaped label I could use with my printer.

What I ended up getting was even better {at least to me!}...I found chalkboard labels! How great is that?!

I ordered a chalkboard label starter kit that came with 3 different sized labels and a chalk marker.  The labels can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth and used again with either chalk or chalk markers.
click on the picture to go to Lake Effect Treasury Etsy shop
The kit arrived very quickly and included a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. 

There is something to be said for the lovely customer service these three Etsy shop owners provided in addition to the great craftsmanship! {I am not being paid nor was I asked to review these products}
If you have the time, check out never know what you will find, but if it's anything like my shopping experiences you will be one happy customer!

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  1. That pillow is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!