Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

I think Pinterest is great! I do - endless interesting, creative, funny, thought provoking, helpful pictures. It's like a never ending magazine where you can read about whatever you want and when you want to read more you can and if you don't then you just keep on scrolling. And it's free!

Since I've "pinned" over 500 items I thought it might be fun to actually try some of them out - you know see how things turn out compared to the pinned version.  I'm calling it a Pinterest Challenge

One of the first things I pinned was this beautiful wreath.  I loved everything about it and could instantly picture it on my door.  Lindsay over at made this wreath and has even provided a step by step tutorial for all of us to follow.  - Thanks, Lindsay!

My original plan was to go to Michael's Craft Store and buy everything Lindsay used to make the wreath - I like to follow directions (hence I prefer baking over cooking...). What I did not plan for was for my sister (who doesn't follow directions and is a much better cook than baker...) to be with me while shopping for my wreath supplies. I walked out of the store with a pre made forsythia wreath, a letter D, some ribbon, and some purple flower springs. Not exactly like the wreath pictured above!

My wreath turned out much better than I expected and while it's not exactly like the original wreath I pinned the concept is still the same. By buying a pre made wreath I saved myself a few steps (always a good thing!) and I made it in less than 15 min!

So, what do you think?  Did I succeed at my first Pinterest Challenge?
Please join me in this challenge - pick something you've pinned and give it a try. I would love to hear (and see some pictures too!) how you make out!


  1. It looks awesome!!! Ill take one for Christmas!! Way to go!!

  2. Guess you were right after all big sis!!

  3. Wow! I love it! So cute

  4. Glad you like the wreath - Thanks : )

  5. Awesome wreath! I like that it's a little different from the Pintrest one... It has it's own sense of individuality :)

  6. Thanks, Sarah! A sense of individuality - I like that!

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