Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let the Summer Fun Begin!!

Today is the first day of summer (in our house).  Both boys are already finished with school - Yikes!!  So we have about 90 days until school starts in September.
Most years around this time I'm pulling my hair out and wishing sleep away camp was an option.  I'm still ready to pull my hair out but this summer I have a PLAN!!  Yes, this mom is prepared and ready for the long summer days that lie ahead.
A few weeks ago I started doing some research...on Pinterest of course! I found LOTS of great ideas (thanks to all the great idea people out there for sharing!) and put together a list to save me on those days when it's been a long day and it's only 9:15 AM.

Make something Monday
Projects & Crafts
Take a Trip Tues
Get out of the house!
What’s Cooking Wed
Baking or cooking
Be Thoughtful Thurs
Write letters, make cookies, do a service
Wacky Friday
Anything goes!
make home movies
visit a bakery
make lemonade
make crafts for grandparents and mail them
Make Ice cream sundaes for dinner
make piggy banks - spend, save, give
visit daddy at work
bake cupcakes
make postcards and mail to cousins
go to 4H Fair
paint rocks
go on a picnic
bake cookies
Ding Dong Ditch w a nice surprise at the door
do a color scavenger hunt
fruit loop necklace
pick your own fruit
make trail mix
wash the car and bikes
Tie Die T-shirts
Trip to the dollar store
kids plan, shop, and make dinner
do something nice for each family member
backyard movie
make a sea shell wind chime
go to the zoo
make ice cream sandwiches
make tissue flowers and deliver to friends
have a “9 over” w/friends / PJ playdate
Pick any animal and learn all about it
go bowling
Make granola bars
bring treats to the fire station
melted crayon hot rocks
go to sprinkler park
make banana ice cream

Weekend trip to Philly
make a family time capsule
go on a pirate adventure
bake dog biscuits 

Weekend trip to DC
make placemats
go to the movies
make slushies

create a silly holiday - annual donut day
Sew buttons
bike ride to the library

glow sticks in the bath
Journal writing

no electricity day!
Reading Reports

Reading/Word Bingo

 Here is my list - as you can see I broke it up into days of the week to help make it easier for me.  This way when the kids are bouncing off the walls and I need to think of something to do FAST I can just go to the day of the week and we can pick an activity together.  This doesn't mean that every day we will do something off the list - most days will be spent at the pool or beach. But come late July/August when the pool has lost some of it's appeal I think this is when our list will be used the most.

Today we had our first pool day. The boys loved splashing around (getting everyone not in the pool wet) and I enjoyed watching the first day of our summer fun unfold as easy as a summer day should.

I do believe in easy summer days - days that take us (and our children) off the busy schedules of the school year.  We all need the break, a change in pace, and a chance to just be. But, I am ready just in case those easy summer days start to eat away at my sanity.  I'll be ready to bring the fun back when summer starts to feel too long.  Let the summer fun begin!!!

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